Down on the Farm Early Learning Activities

Down on the Farm Early Learning Activities
Spark your early learner’s love of learning with these fun activities. Inside this 34 -page learning pack, you’ll find the following:
What comes next?: Students will cut and paste the images at the bottom of the page to finish each pattern.
Beginning and Ending Sounds: Little ones will use these clip cards to identify the beginning and ending sound of each featured image.
Letter Match: Identify the uppercase letter at the start of each row. Circle the matching lowercase letter in each row.
Prepositions/Position Words: Cut out each image on the instruction page. Follow the directions to complete the activity page.
Math Puzzles: Add and subtract as you reassemble each math puzzle.
Graphing: Assemble the dice. Roll it and mark the correct box on the graph. Continue the graphing activity until one column reaches the top.
Handwriting: Practice the following letters: B, C, F, H, P, S, and T.
Animal Sort: Children will sort animals based on where they live – the farm or the ocean.
Roll and Stamp: Roll one dice or two. Count the dots and identify the correct number on the page.
Word Search: Hunt for farm-themed words in the puzzle.
Word Match: Trace each farm-themed word and draw a line to the correct picture.
Puzzles: Laminate and cut apart the puzzles. Reassemble.
Color & Write: Trace the word and color the picture on the page.
Letter Hunt: Identify the letters Ff on the page.
Number Identification: Color the image and trace the number.
Counting Practice: Count the images and circle the correct number.
Counting Mat: Choose a number and put the corresponding number of animals on the math mat.
Color Words: Color the barns according to the color words.
Writing Prompt: Write a sentence about farmers.