Patriotic Learning Activities for Early Years

Patriotic Learning Activities for Early Years
Spark your early learner’s love of learning with these fun activities. Inside this 20-page patriotic printable, you’ll find the following:
•4-part puzzles: Laminate these puzzles, cut them apart, and let your preschooler reassemble them.
•ABC cards: Laminate these cards. Cut them in half, and have your preschooler match the uppercase and lowercase letters.
•Alphabet mazes: Trace a path from A to Z. If you laminate them, kids can use dry erase markers to complete the maze. Then, they can wipe them clean and do it again. There is one uppercase maze and one lowercase maze.
•Letter find: Use a dot marker, crayon, or circle stickers to identify the featured letter.
•Counting practice: This page focuses on number recognition and number writing practice.
•Matching: Match each image to its outline.
•Graphing: Assemble the dice. Follow the directions on the page to complete the graph. Then use the graph to complete the recording page.
•Number maze: Trace a path from 1 – 10. Laminate it, and your kids can do it over and over again.
•Number order puzzles: Laminate the puzzles and cut them apart. Have students reassemble in correct number order.
•Tracing: Practice pencil control with this tracing page. Laminate it, and your child can use it over and over again.
•Patterns: Your child will cut and paste to finish each pattern on the page.
•I Spy: Count the images on the page and fill in the recording page.