Let's Learn About Bees

This unit study is designed for kids in grades K-3. It can be completed in one week, or it can be spread out over a longer period of time. The learning activities are divided into 5 themes, and can be adapted for use with slightly older and slightly younger students. 
Inside this 35-page unit study, you will find the following pages: 
  • activity summary describing how to use the pages as well as recommended books for each theme
  • KWL chart
  • What is an Insect? poster
  • Parts of a Bee poster
  • Label the Parts of a Bee
  • Is a Bee an Insect? poster
  • Is it an Insect? sorting activity
  • Types of Bees information cards
  • Why Are Bees Important? poster
  • Pollination Experiment - directions and observation page
  • Life Cycle of a Bee poster
  • Life Cycle of a Bee information cards
  • Life Cycle of a Bee activity page
  • The Life Cycle of a Honey Bee reader
  • Bee Keepers poster
  • Honey Taste Test recording page
  • Amazing but True fact poster
  • All About Bees interactive notebooking page
  • Draw and Write 3 Things
  • Notebooking pages - beekeeper, bees, bee hive
  • I Can Write About... - beekeeper, bees
  • Vocabulary/Word cards
  • Quiz